We are Manufacturer, Supplier of All Types Of Control And Power Transformers, Pulse Transformers, Convertor Transformers, Current Transformers, Control Transformers, Buck Boost Transformers, Single Phase Output Transformers, Single Phase Input Transformers, Single Phase Isolation Transformers, Three Phase Isolation Transformers, Step Down Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, Single / Three Phase AC and DC Chokes, CVT Transformers, Left Transformers, Battery Charger Transformers, Three Phase in to Single Phase Transformers, Solar Invertor Transformers and our setup is situated Pune, Maharashtra, India.

All Types Of Control And Power Transformers
All Types Of Transformers
Current Transformers
All Types Of Power Transformers
control transformers

Pulse Transformers ( PT )
Convertor Transformers
Current Transformers ( CT )
Control Transformers ( PCB Board Types )
Buck Boost Transformers
Single Phase Output Transformers
Single Phase Input Transformers
Single Phase Isolation Transformers
Three Phase Isolation Transformers
Single Phase AC Chokes
Single Phase DC Chokes

Three Phase AC Chokes
Three Phase DC Chokes
CVT Transformers ( Constant Voltage )
Left Transformers
Control Transformers ( PCB Mounting Pin Types )
Co2 Machines Power Transformers
Battery Charger Transformers
Three Phase in to Single Phase Transformers
Solar Invertor Transformers
Step Down Transformers
Rectifier Transformers

Machines & Testing Instruments :

Winding Machines
Drill Machines
Scriping Machines
Hot gun
Hand Drill Machines
Swivel Vise
Tool Boxes
Grinding Machines

Current Meter
Megam Meter
High Voltage Meter
LCR Meter
Transformer Load Tester

Technical Aspects : The manufacture of distribution Transformers can be sub-divided into following operations:

Assembly of the core unit HT & LT Coils
Assembly of leads and making of connections in the coils
Placing the assembly